Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 | Author: brianh

The idea for this “Blog/Forum” was suggested by Tony Morris a recent recruit to the Yorkshire Speakers Directory website. He said…”I wonder if you could add a forum to the Yorkshire Speakers Directory site so people could discuss the issues we’ve been writing about and share their experiences.”

The issues were all the usual suspects, no need to mention them here, what would be better is if other users started to set out their own views and then we can see if this site can be of real benefit?

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    Thursday, 23. October 2008

    This will be a wonderful forum (once it is up and running!) to allow members to make comments and perhaps give tips and suggestions to help other speakers make their talks more interesting. I have enjoyed going around the Yorkshire area with my “Meeting the Hollywood stars of Yesteryear” talks and have received some very positive reactions (and repeat bookings!). However, I am keen to obtain some additional bookings and wondered if anyone has a list of “speaker finders” they could pass on? The “Speakers Directory” is useful and has provided me with several bookings but I would like to find more audiences if possible.

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    Tony Morris 
    Thursday, 23. October 2008

    Pleased to see this forum up and running. As a professional and member of Equity and the Musicians’ Union, when I joined the Directory I was apalled to see the derisory fees other speakers were asking. It seemed to me to devalue what they were doing. ‘Monkey’ and ‘Peanuts’ came to mind and ‘the Labourer being worthy of his/her hire’.