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Building or Creating your own Site

If you are a public speaker then you probably produce letters or 'fliers' to promote the topics you speak on. You may have considered creating your own website to promote yourself, but have been put off by the techno gobbledy gook which many IT people seem to prefer to speak, and if that wasn't enough you may have been put off by the possible cost of such a venture! If you really don't give a fig for the hypertext markup language (html) or you have never heard of it, fear not, for you too can (or very soon) create your own website as a companion site to this main site.

Some Questions and Answers about a Web Site

  • Why do such a thing? Well its considerably more cost effective than any other way of publishing your material.
  • Might my content be stolen? Yes, Plagerism is a feature of the internet, but in a way it is also a form of flattery and the culprits rarely have the ability to make real use of it. In any event if the data is sensitive, don't use it, this is about material for promoting yourself or organisation.
  • Many people I talk to don't use the web! True, not everyone does, but a significant number do, and new ways of accessing the web are occuring regularly.
  • Once I publish something it is very soon out of date, how can this be dealt with? Fortunately all content used to create the sites is available for amendment and editing without limit.
  • I have pictures I would like to use, how can they be integrated? Simple, just use the upload utility in the online builder and the picture will be shown on the web page.
  • Can my web pages be printed? Yes all the pages produced can be printed, and if required used as 'Fliers'.
  • How long will it remain live on the internet? The site will be live to the outside world from completion, but can be switched on and off at will, to suit making amendments and other maintenance activities.
  • I produce items for sale, how can this be dealt with? The pages can contain items which you sell, whilst no provision is offered for full 'e-commerce' at this stage, any enquirer can be treated in the same way as a telephone request.
  • How do I know I am getting good value, you can have a 'Blog' for nothing on some sites? True, but the attraction, here is that the people who are looking at the site are serious about finding speakers, so your audience is well qualified.
  • So what does it cost? Well for a straight forward site with up to eight pages including a maximum of twenty pictures and a contact form, the whole caboodle is £35.00 per year.
  • Do I get my own domain name? Not for the basic package, but for a small extra charge this can be accommodated, providing your chosen domain is available. Below is a listing of most domain types that are available to UK users.
    • [] • Can be used for all UK organisations.
    • [.com] • Generally for all international organisations.
    • [.net] • Generally used as a worldwide domain where .com is not available.
    • [.biz] • Used as an alternative to .com usually by businesses.
    • [.info] • Alternative to .com that is becoming increasingly popular.
    • [.mobi] • Designed specifically for the delivery of web content and services to mobile devices.
    • [.eu] • Available to anyone operating out of Europe.
    • [.tv] • Used by television programmes and companies.
    • [] • Is a second level domain name and popular choice for UK companies if they find that their first choice of domain name has already been registered.
    • [] • Is also a second level domain name and popular choice for UK companies if they find that their first choice of domain name has already been registered.
    • [] • Often used by charities and non profit organisations.
    • [] • Ideal for individuals and personal websites.
  • What will my site look like? The templates are currently under development but a preview is available of one of the styles here. The featured sample demonstrates a simple site and also a small slideshow.
  • How do I get started? Simply email me, Brian Hull, the to get started with your new site.

Some other useful hints for a website

To be added in due course!