Subject Areas:Games, Puzzles
Name & Location:Mr Phillip BURLEY Nottingham
Contact & Website:
w: No Website
Subjects:Puzzles Past and Present
A whistle-stop tour of puzzles over a 4000 year period, from mazes to Rubik cubes; metal puzzles to wood and string, and more! The audience should be arranged so that 4-6 people are at each table. Each table gets a box of puzzles to investigate as the talk progresses. I can (almost) guarantee there will be some puzzles unknown to the audience. Includes puzzle myths and legends and some surprising personalities...

Best suited for no more than 40 people, the talk lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Availability & Fee:By Arrangement Travel up to an hour distant from Nottingham.£40.00-70.00
Requirements: T, FClick for requirements explanation
Areas Covered: South Yorkshire only
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